Spending so much time trying to convince someone they are right for you is an impossible challenge. When they are meant for you, you don’t have to try so hard—you may not have to try at all.

One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.

Day 2

Writing nine things about yourself is easy if you know yourself very well. I’m still learning things about myself everyday but I’ll see what I can do. 

1. I’m Nigerian. This is a huge part of who I am because I’m not in my home country so I’m reminded everyday that there is something that sets me apart from the whole. I enjoy my culture; it has taught me so much but I’m still trying to find the balance between being “American” and being Nigerian. 

2. I’m obsessed with my body image. Yea I know big surprise right? I’ve gone from wanting to be supermodel thin to just wanting to be healthy. It’s been a journey to say the least but I’m coming to terms with being who I am. I just want to avoid a long term hospital visit at all costs!

3. I love my family. Enough said. 

4. I love my friends. Friendships have always seemed like contracts that I could choose to renew or terminate at the end of the year but I’ve come to learn that you will never be happy that way. I’ve found a few select people who remind what it truly means to enjoy life and they’ve accepted me flaws and all. 

5. I love to write. 

6. I want to be a lawyer. 

7. My favorite food is chicken. No I’m not being typical just honest. 

8. Very recently, I’ve decided to be a nicer person. People may not treat me the way that I feel they should but that is not reason enough for me to do the same to them. I am growing and I am an adult. Don’t call it fake I just have better things to do than worry about disliking someone. 

9. I know success is about reaching goals and living life and all that blah but I wanna be wealthy AND rich. oh kayy and with that money I’m going to make sure my parents eat and I mean EAT. They will never worry about anything ever again—same goes for my siblings :)

Day 1 

1. I don’t know what it is about you that I’m still stuck on. You were the first one to come to mind when I started writing this and it’s crazy to me. We don’t even talk that much, our conversations are reserved to maybe a few sentences each. This is wild, but there’s something about you that I really like. I probably won’t ever say it to you. It’s weird but you are a very interesting guy and I just hope you maintain your individuality throughout your life.
2. I’m too good for you, I just need to realize that for myself. In due time I will.
3. Why are we frenemies? I know it sounds ridiculous but that is the only term I can find to truly describe us. I don’t support u, u don’t really support me. I swear we’re just going through the motions. It’s sad cause I wish we could be more but I just know better.
4. I hope you’re proud of who I am becoming and even who I’ve become thus far. I do it all for you.
5. You are one of the most loyal and truest friends I’ve met at OU. Our relationship has become one of my favorite parts of being a student here. I know you understand me and we really are always on the same page; I love it! I pray you’re there for the rest of the milestones in my life as I plan on being there for yours. Sorry girl you’re stuck with me!
6. Man chick we went from enemies to best friends and it’s still crazy to me to this day! You’re always so encouraging and I know we can fight and be fine the very next day because we are not only friends, we are sisters!
7. The angel on my right shoulder. What would I do without my voice of reason? You are another person I know I can go days maybe even weeks without talking to and we will talk like we just saw each other. I love u!!
8. Thank you for taking on the role of mama in my life. I would be lost without you.
9. For a second I was nervous we had lost our relationship but I think we found it again. I wasn’t fair to you and I am truly sorry for that. You are one of the few ppl who I had almost no relationship with who I felt became one of my favorite ppl. You have so much ambition and I love it and the motivation you have for yourself and others is contagious. Lets stay on this track because I want to be there when u accept your first Emmy or Oscar!
10. Okay so I just want to say that I love our relationships. You really care about others and that is so beautiful! We have had crazy ass fun ass memories together and it’s only been a year and a half. You are one of the few ppl I don’t mind talking to on the phone and we’re always scheming and whatnot! I just love it.
11. [because I can do 11] I like you a lot. It’s ludicrous. In fact the more distant you are, the more I like you. This cannot be healthy. Arghhhhhhhh curse you. Like honestly I have to be brainwashed for a guy to have me feeling hypnotized. Maybe I just like the thrill of the chase (if I can even call this a chase) or maybe you really are special. Oh fuck it. This is fucked up, I should not care. I don’t care.
Ugh…yes I do :(

day one: ten things you want to say to ten different people, right now.

day two: nine things about yourself.

day three: eight ways to win your heart.

day four: seven things that cross your mind a lot.

day five: six things you wish you’d never done.

day six: five people who mean a lot to you.

day seven: four turn offs.

day eight: three turn ons.

day nine: two items you’d grab in a fire.

day ten: one confession.

—Gonna do this again. I’ve changed significantly since the first time and I think it’ll be interesting to see my new answers. Ok here I go!

I am Human

No one man was created the same way. God put a little “flair” in all of us so that we would stand out and own our individuality. For many years, I have been a huge proponent for this concept, but lately something has changed. My riots and proclamations for authenticity and orginality have turned into self-loathing disguised as a false sense of self-righteousness. My hopes and dreams of becoming the first have only led to a trail once traveled by several leaving me only in the dust of thier footsteps and in the dark shadows of their success. My ability to ignore the condemnations of society for the quaint joy of self-acceptance has become an obsession with beauty and status. Where did this come from? Why do I care all of a sudden? I’ll tell you why. I am human. I represent the many people in this world who are only products of thier environment. No one is exempt. No one has the ability to completely ignore society so why do we all try? Why am I at work right now eating raw green peppers without even the least hint of ranch dressing in sight when everyone knows I love ranch dressing? Because society has convinced me this is the only way I’ll become thin and thin is beautiful and beautiful people live beautiful lives and a beautiful life is all I desire. Right?